Young Britons Buying Up NZ Property

Young Generation Y Britons are increasingly setting their sights on home purchases in New Zealand.

According to this NZHerald article residential property in the United Kingdom is very hard to secure for first home buyers.  There is a growing group of Britons who have moved their home purchase focus to offshore.

New Zealand is ranked five and is one of a few countries targeted by these young offshore purchasers.  Even in the next age group up – the Generation Xers – there has been a twenty five percent leap in home purchases in New Zealand.

As we know homeownership is increasing out of reach for many New Zealanders and the competition for homes by offshore buyers increases the value of our homes.

There are proven strategies available to get on the property ladder and PropertyTutors is one business offering a substantial mentoring program to newbie investors.  Often the way to securing your own home is via owning a rental property or two.

Purchasing a property for investment opens up lots more areas of your city and further afield.  Of course homes in these areas won’t meet your living requirements but they don’t need to therefore getting on the home ownership ladder is more achievable when you consider securing a rental property before your own home.

Competition for homes in the main centres of New Zealand is set to continue as we remain in a boom period which is predicted to continue until 2016.




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