Why Invest in Property?

Wealthy people are still likely to invest in property, the reason for this appears to be the assurance of long term gains and the fact that property is more stable compared to currency, stocks and bonds.

The recession has brought property prices down, which meant many wealthy investors were able to add more properties to their portfolio. The research shows that the wealthy hold 30% of their wealth in the form of properties, excluding their private residential homes.

The reasons to invest in property include:

  • Secure Investmentproperty investment nz represent a safer option for investors, over the last few years with the recession, property values did not decline as rapidly as other investments and have recovered well. Even if property values fall the asset is not depleted and over a longer term your investment will be solid.
  • Sudden Falls – property is unlikely to take a sudden dive in value – rather prices ease and increase with a steadier pattern.
  • Excess Funds – If an investor has excess funds, property investment is a good option to channel funds into and on top of that it makes financial sense with taxation breaks.
  • Flexibility – property investment offers the investor flexibility, they can leverage, rent, renovate, help others and even reside in the property themselves.
  • Rate of Return – the general rule of thumb for property is that it doubles in value in between 7 − 10 years, this offers an exceptional return on investment.
  • Bricks and Mortar – Property is a tangible asset that can be seen and touched and with many other investments been invisible this can appeal to some investors.
  • Growth – Property investment offers investors a slow and steady growth, but also the option of renovating and improving its value for a faster return and growth.

If you are considering investing in property, and the benefits are real, then talk to PropertyTutors today and see the great results that they have achieved.

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