Property Investment Mentor – Why?

A property investment mentor can be friend, philosopher and guide for buying property.

A mentor is one who is well informed and can act as counsel, adviser and guide by taking personal interest and devoting large amounts of time to push another’s person’s best interests.

Thus a property investment mentor is one who knows the property market very well, has years of experience, and has the capability to guide and advise, while taking a keen interest in helping his mentee make money out of every property he invests in.

The mentor may plan out a detailed property investment program for the investor, train him in the finer points of real estate investment and help him maximize returns on his investments.

Property investors seek the services of mentors not just to learn about investing but also understand how best to generate wealth and gain financial freedom, without taking big risks.
How Property Investment Mentors Help
Opting to have a property investment mentor is a safer option to proceed on the investment track, since their years of knowledge and experience are passed on, in a few sessions of intensive learning. Understanding the tricks of the trade, the warning signals, the points of caution and having the right approach, are all prerequisites for the best property investment. What investors gain from a mentor, includes the following:

  • Move from a zero cash flow to a positive cash flow and financial freedom.
  • Learn how to make smart property investing decisions
  • Understand the minutest details of the real estate market
  • Gauge what types of investments are safe and which ones can be avoided
  • Gather confidence through knowledge, to make quick moves when a good property investment opportunity presents itself.
  • Make use of the mentor’s resources
  • Establish a network through the mentor with other people in the field to remain informed about the latest news in the property market.
  • Benefit from mentor’s desire to see you succeed
  • Have someone to trust implicitly.
  • Help to convert farfetched dreams into achievable real life decisions.
  • Having a mentor is better than self learning that can take months through books and information.

A property investment mentor provides highly focused, crisp and concise information, filtering out unwanted details and leaving only the most relevant information and inputs on your plate.

A Mentor is there for the initial handholding required to shake off the fear of making a wrong investment and lose what little money is there. Mentors are experts and specialists, and have the requisite pleasant demeanor that appeals and puts you at ease , besides abundance of patience to answer the silliest of questions, resolve doubts and remove fears.

Having the knack of judging their mentees, they are able to give the right advice, like a safe investment for the risk averse, and more risky ventures to those wanting to make quick profits.

The property market also sees numerous mentoring programs conducted from time to time which are meant to have newcomers assigned to experienced people to train them in the art of property investing.

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