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housesThe Property versus Shares debate may well continue in 2015. It’s still a major talking point on the New Zealand’s property investment discussion forum – PropertyTalk. New Zealanders are essentially ‘property centric’ even after abundant persuasive input on news sites from Economists who favour other investments.

Therefore the share market would need to perform exceptionally well to sway opinion and thus the action of the masses away from property.

Here are some of the reasons New Zealanders love property particularly for investment:

  • Shelter is a basic need so we’ll always need housing
  • Owners can add value can to property
  • Property can be leveraged up to 80 percent (and sometimes more)

There are of course lots of positives for homeownership and investment in property and 2015 is set to ensure it remains firmly in top position over other investment classes including shares, and savings schemes.

Good commentary from local Property Experts is however quite hard to find. Property investors are less likely to found singing their own praises so their voice is not prevalent on news sites as their ‘shares biased’ peers. Property Investor prefer to voice their opinions in discussions on PropertyTalk and on their own blogs.

Chartered Accountant, Matthew Gilligan actively writes on his blog on GRA and his recent article (Nov 14) he challenges comments made by NZEIR principal economist Shamubeel Eaqub. Such is the quality of Matthew’s response – you’ll find it also on interest.co.nz.

PropertyTutors actively write on their website blog throughout the year too. Matthew and the PropertyTutors team are hands-on experts actively investing in the property market. It pays to listen to those who are actively investing and their actions really do speak louder than words.

As far as property value growth goes the performance of the Auckland property market in particular has been spectacular and Christchurch has also done very well in 2013 and 2014. It’s expected to continue in 2015 due to confidence in the economy, low interest rates and migration.

Other regions around the country are expected to do better in 2015 than 2014 and even if this year is not as spectacular as the last couple of years, if you asked almost any property investor if it’s a good time to buy – with out doubt their reply would be: “it’s always a good time to invest in property”.

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