High School Drop Out To Millionaire

You may be wondering if I am referring to Sean Wood of PropertyTutors.

Sean Wood’s story can be found in his book Lesson’s learned by the Property Masters.

However this blog post is not about Sean Wood – it is about Andy Davis who also followed a similar path to Sean and his story is on  NZ Herald.

Andy Davis is a successful property developer with about $75 million to his name.

Andy left school early (actually he was asked to leave) and he worked in a menswear shop.    Like Sean Wood,  Andy did have one quality that set him on the right path – it was a good work ethic.  Quite happy to work hard and long hours Andy found he was an achiever.  According to the NZH article Andy says his mother was a successful business woman (owned 26 cafes) and it was her attitude to work that rubbed off on to him.

Also like Sean Wood Andy became a Real Estate Agent and by doing so learnt a lot about the property market and strategies like investment and development.  His interest in property happened a little earlier in his life when he bought his first property at 22 years of age.  He renovated it and then sold it on for a healthy profit so he knew property could offer him healthy financial rewards.  Fast forward today and he is a multimillionaire.

Along the way through Andy also tried his hand at a few business ventures – most of them not working out as planned until he found his calling as a property developer.

Sean Wood also found his calling after a few careers and now he has a very successful property mentoring business – PropertyTutors Limited.

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