Positive Cash Flow Websites

Positive cash flow websites can be found in plenty on the internet, teaching individuals and businesses the benefits of having a positive cash flow and how to go about ensuring it in personal or business finances. 

Cash flow is a measure of the financial health of individuals or businesses. Cash flow is also used in connection with properties. Some properties that enable owners to make money much more than its holding expenses, and these are called positive cash flow properties or positively geared properties.

Expenses here include tax payments, maintenance dues, insurance, mortgage payments and so on. As long as properties bring in a regular weekly cash flow which is more than the weekly expense, they would continue to be cash flow positive.

Positive cash flow properties can be found on many websites. The idea is to buy low and make money, and such properties though difficult to come by, are typically found during a slump in the economic cycle, or include those that may not yield long term appreciation but can be a great source of rent. The concept of getting rent from these ensures a positive cash flow.

Investors seek positive cash flow properties to beat the high inflation rates which ensure net gains rather than losses, and also ensure regular cash flows, which could be in the form of weekly, fortnightly or monthly rents. Positive cash flows can be ensured by making an investment at the right time at the right place and after checking out the forecasts of the property price trends in the area. News about prospects of new developments or setting up of employment generating industries, also help in identifying such promising properties.

Which properties can bring positive cash flows

  • Newer properties that will have depreciation benefits
  • Remotely located properties in areas where there is a sudden spurt in development, leading to a high demand for rental properties
  • Apartments with lower maintenance expenses but high rent potential
  • Houses bought at prices below their actual value
  • Depress sales where a cash payment is asked for, and the settled price is much lower
  • Vacation properties where the holiday season makes up for the annual cash flow

Positive cash flow websites

Numerous websites promise positive cash flow properties. While there are thousands specializing in such properties across the globe, there are specific websites for properties in New Zealand.  These websites post regular updates, provide investors with the requisite information, feature articles from experts in the field and offer valuable advice. Besides property information they also have the latest online reports which will assist in making informed decisions. With client lists and testimonials it is possible to track their past record of deals and customer satisfaction. They serve as mini encyclopedias on the subject of positive cash flow properties, and registering with the website is the essential first step.

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